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Drop a EGG into to each produce bin in your fridge and you are on your way to saving money and having a constant supply of of fresh Fruit and Veggies!

How The EGG Keeps Produce Fresh
The EGG removes the gas that accumulates in your Fridge, gases that make your produce age prematurely. more

Keep Produce Fresh
A number of storage conditions that can affect the life of produce, including temperature, humidity and, of course, the gas that our EGG absorbs. more
Produce and Your Health
Fruits and vegetables can materially reduce our risk of getting a variety of diseases. more
Produce and the Environment
The EGG is environmentally friendly in two ways: Most discarded produce sits in a landfill for generations. Produce directly converts the sunís energy & less processing uses less resources. more


EGGMan Did You Know?Optimizing storage of produce when you get it home is not as easy as it seems. There are a number of storage conditions that can affect the storage life of produce, including temperature, humidity and, of course, atmospheric ethylene. It seems that each variety has its own set of preferences.

Tips for Storing Your Produce:

(1) Store in the refrigerator or on the countertop
Generally we think that keeping produce in the refrigerator is going to improve storage life. For one thing, the effect of ethylene on aging is certainly slowed by the cold. But it is easy to think of exceptions to this assumption. For example, a potato tends to convert its starch to sugar if stored too cold; an eggplant develops brown spots if stored in the refrigerator. But, what about cucumbers - or bell peppers Ė or watermelon? Check the UC Davis reference sheet to see if you guessed right.

(2) Store in the proper poly bag or in the open (lower humidity and allow for oxygen)
For those varieties that keep better in high humidity, it makes sense to store them in a produce bag after purchase. If the humidity stays too high, you can get some interesting, if not attractive, biological activity. Furthermore, produce is alive, so it must be allowed to breath. The poly bags that the grocery store supplies is not a good choice for storage because it can keep humidity too high and excludes oxygen. Produce suffocates when stored in these bags. They are provided for transport and are not intended for storage. There are produce bags on the market that are permeable to oxygen and ethylene, while maintaining proper humidity that some produce needs.

(3) Have a low ethylene atmosphere.
f the produce is ripe, keeping it away from ethylene helps
maintain freshness.

tips for storing your produce - from 4theegg.com

Each variety of produce has its own ethylene response profile. Some are ethylene emitters, some are damaged by it, and some are both. The only way to be sure that you are not storing incompatible varieties together is to eliminate the ethylene entirely! The refrigerator may be good at maintaining a storage temperature and humidity for produce that should be stored there. But, it creates a problem for any ethylene sensitive produce. It traps the ethylene generated by any thing in the refrigerator, allowing it to accumulate to damaging levels. Refrigerators are designed to force its cool air to all parts of the box. So, the produce drawers are not really isolated from each other. As a result storing in different drawers is only marginally effective. If you use the produce bags, part of their function is to prevent ethylene buildup around its contents by allowing the ethylene out of the bag. But that leaves the rest of the refrigerator with the accumulating ethylene. The answer is to remove all ethylene as it is generated.

Hence, the Ethylene Gas Guardian!!

Understanding the optimum storage conditions for each variety of produce has been the topic of a lot of academic and industry research. Two of the best known and widely respected institutions are the University of California at Davis and Sydney Postharvest Laboratory. Although the information is oriented to industrial application, their sites have a great deal of information that is useful for home storage.

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