Veggie & Fruit Freshness
Purchase The EGG
Drop a EGG into to each produce bin in your fridge and you are on your way to saving money and having a constant supply of of fresh Fruit and Veggies!

How The EGG Keeps Produce Fresh
The EGG removes the gas that accumulates in your Fridge, gases that make your produce age prematurely. more

Keep Produce Fresh
A number of storage conditions that can affect the life of produce, including temperature, humidity and, of course, the gas that our EGG absorbs. more
Produce and Your Health
Fruits and vegetables can materially reduce our risk of getting a variety of diseases. more
Produce and the Environment
The EGG is environmentally friendly in two ways: Most discarded produce sits in a landfill for generations. Produce directly converts the sunís energy & less processing uses less resources. more



Do I need to open the packets in order to activate the ethylene absorber?
No! The packets that go into the eggs should not be opened before use. The tyvek material from which the packets are made allows ethylene to pass freely into the power pellets which absorb it.

What if a packet breaks open?
If the packets are opened, and water gets to the pellets, it may cause a beautiful purple stain on your produce. Although the purple is not hazardous, it does make the food unappetizing and consumption is not advised. It may be disposed of through normal means - disposal, composting, or trash. If the purple stain does not wash off and leaves a stain in your refrigerator, sink, counter-top, etc. just lay a washcloth or paper towel, which has been soaked in vinegar, on it for a few minutes. In the very unlikely event that the stain remains, contact our customer service. They will send you a campden tablet that you can use for surefire stain removal.

What is the difference in the packaging options on the order page?
You may order the E.G.G. in a PET clamshell retail package. It shows the product well and was designed for retail appearence and functionallity. If you are giving the product as a gift, this package is recommended. However, for most of our on line customers, appearance of the retail product is not important. For them, the clamshell is over packaging. It is a waste and an undo burden on the recycling process or land fill. We ship the product with the eggs shrinkwrapped, with all of the other materials in the clamshell in a poly mailer. Unless you specify the clamshell option, this is the default packaging for the product.

What if the pellets are accidentally ingested?
In the event that the pellets are ingested, drink 12 oz of water, or even better, milk to dilute and neutralize the oxidizer. Call your local poison hot line and report that you have ingested potassium permanganate. The maximum amount of the oxidizer that is present in a packet is less than 1/2 gram.

What if I do not see the improvement in the shelf life of my fresh produce that I expect?
If you are in any way dissatisfied with the performance of the E.G.G. you may return the product within 45 days of your purchase for a full refund.


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