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Veggie & Fruit Freshness
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Drop a EGG into to each produce bin in your fridge and you are on your way to saving money and having a constant supply of of fresh Fruit and Veggies!

How The EGG Keeps Produce Fresh
The EGG removes the gas that accumulates in your Fridge, gases that make your produce age prematurely. more

Keep Produce Fresh
A number of storage conditions that can affect the life of produce, including temperature, humidity and, of course, the gas that our EGG absorbs. more
Produce and Your Health
Fruits and vegetables can materially reduce our risk of getting a variety of diseases. more
Produce and the Environment
The EGG is environmentally friendly in two ways: Most discarded produce sits in a landfill for generations. Produce directly converts the sunís energy & less processing uses less resources. more

Vegetable & Fruit Freshness

Why does produce go bad so quickly? In a word, ethylene. Your fridge is full of the stuff, and it destroys fresh fruit and vegetables faster than a swarm of locusts.

An E.G.G., Ethylene Gas Guardian, absorbs that ethylene, and preserves the freshness of your produce. Youíll be amazed at how much less food youíll waste, and how much money youíll save.

The E.G.G. for Produce Freshness

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The E.G.G. for Produce Freshness

Our price: $9.95
The Xtra EGG for extra fresh fruits and veggies
Our price: $15.95

E.G.G for a Year - A Full year of Fresh Produce
Our price: $13.95

Produce Freshness EGG Refills
Our price: $9.95


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